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Indian Education Services

Indian Education Services at Creative Arts

Indian Education Services at Creative Arts Secondary School

The SPPS Indian Education Program's mission is to assist American Indian students in graduating from high school with a quality education and a positive cultural personal identity.


Indian Education staff visit Creative Arts Secondary School to provide unique cultural services to Native American students and to collaborate with staff on programming.  Below is the current schedule of services:

Mondays - Indian Education Office (Ground floor of CASS)

Kerrie Troseth, the Indian Education School Counselor, facilitates the Catching a Dream programming for Native youth at SPPS.  She will be available to students and offer the following services:

Please note that students must have a SmartPass to access the Indian Education space.  When students schedule a time to meet, Kerrie will generate a SmartPass for students to show their teacher to order to leave class.

Additional Resources

  • Nicole Other Medicine, Indian Education School Social Worker assigned to Creative Arts Secondary School
  • Dianna Johnson, Indian Education Sewing Society Lead (can support CASS students with regular meetings to make regalia, ribbon skirts, and ribbon shirts).
  • Kay Urich, Indian Education Chemical Health Counselor
  • Indian Education District-wide activities, events, Graduation Eagle Feathers, fees or school-related expenses, and speaker requests, please call the Indian Education main office for assistance at 651-293-5191.