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Middle School Science

Middle schoolers take three different science courses throughout their experience at CASS.

Physical Science 6

Physical Science 6 is a year-long physical science course that covers basic middle school physics and chemistry concepts as well as the engineering design process and the nature of science. Students learn about the properties of matter, how materials and atoms interact in a physical change, types of energy, waves, light, forces and motion. Students use observations, laboratory investigations, and problem solving to analyze and understand the science of everyday physics and chemical phenomena. This laboratory course prepares students for Life Science 7 or Accelerated Science 7.

Life Science 7

Life Science 7 is a year-long introductory biological science course that introduces the basic life science concepts through inquiry labs, models, and hand-on activities. The topics covered are: cells, ecology, genetics and evolution, human body and the nature of science and engineering. Students will develop skills of scientific inquiry and laboratory investigations. Life Science 7 meets the life science requirements for middle school and prepares students for future science courses. 

Earth Science 8

Earth Science 8 is a course that introduces and elaborates on basic science concepts related to environmental science issues such as global climate change, water resources and use, and pollution. The course will be based in environmental literature, hands-on science application, and science inquiry.

All science students at Creative Arts are presented the opportunity to artistically express themselves within their science class by creating, performing and reflecting in a variety of art areas to explain scientific concepts and systems.