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Foundations is an advisory class that helps students transition from elementary school to middle school. The course focuses on Arts Integration & Habits of Mind, Career & College Readiness, Academic Support, and Community Building. For more information, go to the district information page.

6th Grade Foundations

In 6th grade at CASS, 6th graders alternate between A and B days with Physical Education and Foundations. When students are in Foundations, they rotate through a schedule around the Creative Arts Core Values.

  1. We are good at what we do - Students do grade checks, email teachers about missing assignments, work on missing assignments or homework, read, or work on Typing club to practice typing skills. 
  2. We are creative - On this day, students learn about an art area and explore it with the class. This is anywhere from literary art like (black-out poetry) to visual art (origmai) to dance and singing. Students are able to be curious and discover more about their inner artist.
  3. We support each other - As a part of supporting our community, students work to help out the building. Some examples of this is helping take recycling out, picking up trash around the building, designing art to decorate our building, putting up posters and fliers to bring awareness to events around school, and just generally learning to be a supportive team member. Students love being about to help out and be a part of our supportive community at CASS.

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8th Grade Foundations