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Staff Directory

Welcome to Creative Arts Secondary School's staff pages.

Creative Arts Secondary School is a community of artists, grades 6 through 12, learning and growing together. Together with an incredibly talented staff, our school brings the arts and academics to students in rigorous and authentic ways.


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Anke Al Bataineh

Project Coordinator - 10 Mo

Rebecca Ayala

Tchr - Specific Lrn Disability

Samuel Baer

Tchr - Social Studies

Darrell Baggenstoss

Tchr - Music - Elementary

Lisa Bellanger

Specialist -11 month - Lic

Katie Jo Bendickson

Tchr - Indian Education

Tiff Benson

Tchr - Social Studies

John Bobolink

Supervisor - IndianEd (NonLic)

Penny Born

Business Clerk - 12 Month

Albert Brunette

Custodian Engineer 1

Elizabeth Busta Ferreira

Tchr - English/Language

Caleb Chisholm

Tchr - Mathematics

Iemawn Chughtai

EA1 - Special Educ 10 Mo

Jonathan Coon

Tchr - Social Studies

Casey Cooper

Tchr - Specific Lrn Disability

Charles Cornelius

Tchr - Specific Lrn Disability

Bryce Crandall

Tchr - Theatre

Patrick Deignan

Tchr - English/Language

Mario Delgado Shellenberger

Specialist II - Community Ed

Aquanetta Dillon

Nutrition Services Supv 1
1 2 3 4 > showing 1 - 20 of 72 constituents