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About Creative Arts

Who We Are

We are Creative. We Support Each Other. We are Good at What We Do. 

Along with our mission to use rigorous study in and through the arts to develop creative young adults, these core values are the backbone of everything we do. A student who has a passion for the arts — be it visual, performing or media — will thrive in our inclusive and supportive environment.

The Arts

Middle School: Exploring our options.

Our 6th graders take a class in dance, theater, music and visual arts to help them transition from the full complement of elementary art offerings. In 7th grade, students choose arts electives based on their interests.  By 8th grade, student elective choices are supported by a performing or visual arts-based Foundations class to prepare them to audition into their 9th grade art area.

High School: Refining our craft.

While many of our students have talents that span multiple art areas, we ask students to choose a primary area of study when they enroll.  We currently offer leveled, criterion-based coursework in: visual arts, vocal music, instrumental music and dance. We also have courses in theater, audio production, video production and literary arts.  Students will be guaranteed courses each year in their primary art area.

The Academics

Creative Arts offers a rigorous academic course of study.  Students have options for regular and advanced level courses as early as 6th grade.  In high school, we offer Advanced Placement courses in math, history, human geography, world history, and visual art. All of our core classes support our growing artists through arts integrated projects and lessons. All of our arts and academics are graded with standards based grading.

Creative Arts thrives through creative activities such as galleries, art shows, performances, open mics, artist residencies, local business collaborations, and more. Our learning environment includes vibrant downtown Saint Paul, including museums, the Ordway Center for Performing Arts, the Lowertown artist community, and more.

Our Vision:
Creative Arts Secondary School is a premier Saint Paul arts school graduating successful, creative producers, ready for college and career.

Our Mission:
Creative Arts Secondary School develops creative young adults through rigorous study in both arts and academics. Students pursue a personal artistic vision, learning in and through the arts, as part of a supportive creative community.

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Serving grades: 6-12
Enrollment: 458
Principal: Kristen A. Lynch
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Phone: 651-292-3480

Students Who Identify As:
American Indian 2.5%
Asian American 20.9%
African American 38.2%
Hispanic American 16.8%
Caucasian American 21.6%

Students Who Use:
Special Education 16.6%
Free and Reduced Lunch 82.2%
English Language Learning 19.5%

History of Creative Arts Secondary School

Creative Arts Secondary School began in 1993. Its mission was to bring together working artists, teachers and high school students who had a passion for the arts. It was located in Lowertown in downtown Saint Paul. 

In 1997, the Wilkins Dodge dealership on University Avenue was renovated and became the school's new home. Staff helped with much of the architectural and design decisions for the new school, creating studios for music, painting, dance and ceramics, a darkroom, classrooms, and a gallery with natural lighting. The space was beautiful, but became too small as our enrollment increased.

In 2004, a wing was added, providing more classroom space; a spacious, fully equipped science and chemistry lab; and a state-of-the-art recording studio.

In 2011, Creative Arts High School relocated back to downtown Saint Paul in a bigger and more updated space in the former Wellstone Elementary School building located at 65 East Kellogg Boulevard. (The facility had previously housed Saturn Riverfront and was originally a YWCA.) After sharing space with Open World Learning for a number of years, Creative Arts became Creative Arts Secondary School and became the sole occupant of the building. Two years of renovations later, Creative Arts is excited to begin it's next chapter as a premier school for Arts Education for students in Grades 6 through 12.

The most remarkable aspect of our history is the enthusiastic support we have received throughout the years from parents, community members, the administration and the Board of Education of Saint Paul Public Schools. Without their support we would never have become the excellent arts school we are today and continue to become.  Ask how you can join our community today!

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